The Purcell Group Philsophy

The real estate world is changing so rapidly that it is of ultimate importance to have an experienced team who cares about YOU at your fingertips. One of the things that sets our team apart, is we are available and happy to answer questions and calls from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M---seven days a week...We feel it is VERY important to service our clients and take this task very seriously. We make sure we can show you a property (once appointment is confirmed) and will do everything we can to make sure you see what you wish as quickly as you can to make SURE you get the perfect home! No question or concern is too small---if it is YOUR concern--then it is OUR concern..  We have a combined 51 years of experience in buying and selling homes and we try to make your transaction as smooth, stress free, and profitable as possible! We are here to help you in any and ALL ways to make selling and buying a seamless procedure, and a pleasure, so you can easily move into the next exciting stage of life!   Please contact us to see how we can help YOU!  It is our mission to make your life as EASY as possible---your home is your BIGGEST asset--Call us--we care!

Meet the Team